Lee Ka-sing began his diptych project in 2014. Over the years, more than a thousand diptychs were created. He describes the project as spontaneously as brush strokes on the pages of a sketchbook, or, a poem written daily. These are juxtapositions of volumes of photographs from his current and previous work. In 2019, based on selections from this body of work, he begins to issue Archive Prints as part of his BIBLIOTHEKA series, in open edition and individual BIBLIOTHEKA prints. Besides, the diptychs also serve as parts of stanzas, or lines, of book-length poems in artist-book format. His first BIBLIOTHEKA artist-book HONG KONG TWO VISITS, was created in 2018.

White and black

Photo festi

Going through

The wall in shadow


Tree and memories, 3

Tree and memories, 2

Tree and memories, 1

Water passing through a piece of glass


Flowers from the vase, number 2

在瓶子滾動出來的花 (Google tr. Flowers rolling out of a vase)

Crystal in front of the large window

Boy walking towards a green plant

Framing the disappearance

在一道漬銹鐵板上的聲音 (Google tr. Voices on a rusty metal sheet)


Bar against the sky

Next year

A forecast




My hat

The wing


Burning flame

City by the lake

A long prayer

Number 9

Green concerto

An afternoon


僕僕長途,這是第幾個日落 (Google tr. How many sunsets throughout my blowy journey)

A story about two bats

Memoir of a long tail

Little song

Clockwork from the other side of the world

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