Lee Ka-sing began his diptych project in 2014. Over the years, more than a thousand diptychs were created. He describes the project as spontaneously as brush strokes on the pages of a sketchbook, or, a poem written daily. These are juxtapositions of volumes of photographs from his current and previous work. In 2019, based on selections from this body of work, he begins to issue Archive Prints as part of his BIBLIOTHEKA series, in open edition and individual BIBLIOTHEKA prints. Besides, the diptychs also serve as parts of stanzas, or lines, of book-length poems in artist-book format. His first BIBLIOTHEKA artist-book HONG KONG TWO VISITS, was created in 2018.

陽光在暗室有如探進來的黑影 (Google tr. Sunlight in the darkroom is like a dark shadow coming in)

耳語漣漪,遠方是流水垂掛的瀑布 (Google tr. Whispering ripples, other end is a waterfall)

如何去翻譯一棵樹的盤根 (Google tr. How to translate the root of a tree)

我曾經許你一座萭株的玫瑰園 (Google tr. I once promised you a rose garden)

聆聽與書寫 (Google tr. Listening and writing)

一些寫在石上的鳥語 (Google tr. Some bird words written on the stone)

舞啊舞!舞回1856當年的舞步 (Google tr. Dance Oh dance! Dance back to 1856)

旋轉吧!轉出你從前的夢想 (Google tr. Spin it! Spinning out your old dreams)

一個穿著紅衣的男孩回來探看自己的城市 (Google tr. A boy in red came back to visit his city)

攀過這髙聳的廣廈你又見沿崖 (Google tr. Behind this high-rise tower is the cliff)

兩件精緻的哀傷 (Google tr. Two pieces of exquisite sorrow)

設計給墜吊物的陷阱 (Google tr. Trap for a hanging object)

前面有兩棵大樹的巨型佈幕 (Google tr. Giant curtain with two big trees in front)

寫給城市的協奏曲 (Google tr. Concerto for the city)

有陽光透進來的天橋底部 (Google tr. There is sunlight at the bottom of the overpass)

對於事件的深層思索 (Google tr. Deep reflection on the event)

有粉紅色花的遠年故事 (Google tr. An old story with pink flowers)

閙市中兩件標緻的構成物 (Google tr. Two pieces of installation in the city)

關於時間的其中兩種傳繹 (Google tr. Two interpretations of time)

有著金邊的閱讀物 (Google tr. Book with golden edges)

垂吊物的聯想 (Google tr. The imagination of a hanging object)

想象中的城市策劃 (Google tr. Imaginary city planning)

啄食東方的谷粒 (Google tr. Pecking grain from the east)

關於建築物群中的階級鬥爭 (Google tr. About the class struggle inside a building complex)

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